The International Schools in Bangkok With First Class Facilities & Highest Teaching Standards

For the many expat families that are choosing to move away from their home country’s and set up a new life in Thailand, there are many details that should be taken into consideration; in recent years Thailand has been recorded as one of the most popular destinations for tourism in the world and Bangkok is the number 1 most visited city in the world, so there certainly is a lot to the vibrant city. When deciding upon where would be the most suitable place to relocate in Bangkok, the main things to take into consideration are transport and logistics. Especially for those who are moving with their children in tow. Schooling for example will play an instrumental role in the decision for where the family will choose as the ideal location for a happy and prosperous future for both the adults and the children. Then there are many other important factors that come in to play; like safety, types of transport, food, neighbours and other logistical factors that will really make the difference to how well the family settles into their new lives. It can be especially difficult in Thailand because of the cultural differences, not to the mention the language barrier, with the Thai language being made up of characters and symbols instead of the familiar (to the west) A, B, C alphabet. However, in most Bangkok provinces and neighbourhoods, you will be pleasantly surprised by the good level of English that many Thai people can speak – actually when in Bangkok, you will almost always be offered the help of a local person who can speak English that will support you with your requests, & translating when necessary.

In Thailand, which is mainly a buddhist country with a very warm & welcoming population, recent years have seen an increase in the number of families who are making the leap over to the warmer climate. Bangkok, which is locally named ‘Krung Thep Maha Nakhon’ especially has experienced growing numbers of international students, with of course also bringing coinciding numbers of concerned parents on the search for the perfect schooling location for their loved ones. So, if you are part of one of these expat families, you will be very happy to learn that Bangkok & in fact Thailand, has been preparing for this influx of international students for many years now. Actually families are being spoiled for choice with some fantastic school facilities and the highest level of teaching standards being met. Within there now being many locations for high level education. Even the early learning centres have enjoyed much development to now be out-classing and outperforming many of the learning facilities found in the respective student’s hometowns. Another very important area of the many that has been having lots of good work in preparation for the increasing number of habitants and visitors is the cities transport facilities – Bangkok already has for quite some time had the very efficient overhead train (locally called/known as the ‘Sky Train or BTS’) as well as the efficient underground train (locally called/known as the ‘MRT Train’) which are both great and cost effective for getting around the city, however they do not reach all areas and so still many Bangkokians were not being able to enjoy their benefits. Recent years have seen many new stations added to both the Sky Train and the MRT Train lines and also there is a new train which is the ‘Airport Link’ which again is extremely efficient and cost effective and has other uses other than just being for people coming from and going to the airport. Then other modes for transportation in Bangkok are the many buses, the original overland train and of course the abundance of taxi cars and motorbikes – So now, all schools and universities are very accessible and safe for your children to attend – they will each also have their own school buses that will pick up and drop off your children in an area close to your home.

There is a great variety of different schools to choose between; some sticking to the British Curriculum, others opting for an American style of teaching and then there are other locations that apply a mix of different methods that they have found works wonders for their students and teachers combined. Something to bear in mind though when planning the relocation to Thailand is the big fees that come with placing your little ones in these state of the art facilities for education. Many of the schools in Bangkok for example require a sum that will easily match private learning centres found in the west. However, if it can be afforded these schools are certainly worth it and your children will be thanking you for this opportunity for many years to come (hopefully).